The word Dolka is an anagram of my name that evolved many years ago and the first time I signed a picture.

Textile artist - Dorthe Kjeldgaard Rasmussen - born 1961.

Questions about my methods and choice of materials and other details I will be glad to receive.

This helps to ensure that always has the most up to date information. It also means that further information can be added to my home page or I will reply personally.

You are always welcome to contact me with your personal ideas, if you wish to buy ready made, will hear more about courses or whatever else interests you.

Dokla Design Det Kreative Værksted
v. Dorthe K. Rasmussen Gammelbro Camping
  Gammelbrovej 70, Årøsund
  6100 Haderslev
Telephone: E-mail:
  Direct: +45 2016 4170  
  Reception: +45 7458 4170 Blog:
        Det Kreative Værksted

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